About This Site

The purpose of this site is twofold.

  1. One is to share stories about meatflakes. Every vegan has a good meatflake story where they either tried to make you feel like shit or did something else really cringeworthy. Feel free to share your story here if you like.
  2. The other is to have an easy simple place for vegan resources, tips for going vegan, etc.

Supporting This Site Is Easy

Our aim is to keep this site free from advertisements which slow a site down and annoy the shit out of all of us. Instead, we offer a few ways in which you could greatly help ( only if you want to, it's not expected ) and get something back in return.

  1. For as little as 99 cents you can get a cool little book about meatflakes to read on your kindle or kindle app.
    There's also an Audible version if you prefer audiobooks. This version does cost more since Audible controls the price.
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