Meatflake Cringe Stories

Message: So I asked this guy to go vegan, and they said, "No thanks, not for me," and then I asked them why, and they replied, "I prefer meat; do I need to explain why?" I responded by saying yes, and they responded, "I like eating meat again; I don't need you lecturing me on my choices in life." My response was, "Do you not think the animals deserve the choice to not be bothered by you as well?" I can understand feeling annoyed at me bothering you, but that's still nothing compared to what the animals go through for meat, and their response was "Bruh, it's called nature. Animals eat each other all the time. Please spare me your heartfelt arguments. and just agree to disagree" I was also curious how would whoever runs this site respond to what they say and how would they advice me to respond to them? You bring up great points. The "nature" arguement is common. I would ask him why he is basing his ethics on what animals do. Animals rape and kill each other in the wild. So it's ok for humans to rape and kill each other too? Also I would show him footage from factory farms. Ask him if he thinks this is nature.
The "agree to disagree" response is just him trying to shut you up. Meatflakes will say this when they can't think of a logical argument.

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