1. Are meatflakes bad people?
    It's important to keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Everyone has good and bad characteristics. Meatflakism is a weakness but it's something that can be overcome.
    See How to not be a meatflake to learn more.
  2. What's wrong with drinking cow's milk?
    1. It's creepy.
    2. It's supporting a horrific system of animal abuse.
    3. There's better and healthier alternatives.
    4. Cow's milk is made for a baby cow.
    5. You're too old to be breastfeeding.
  3. What's wrong with eating eggs?
    1. It's creepy.
    2. It's supporting a system where millions of baby chickens get ground up alive every year because it's the cheapest way to get rid of male chickens who can't lay eggs.
    3. Eggs aren't good for your health no matter what the egg industry says.