Vegan Tips

  1. Start with dishes you already like.
    For example, if you like to cook spaghetti, search google for "vegan spaghetti" to find recipes for the vegan version.
  2. Make minor changes to things you already eat.
    For example, if you like to have a burrito with beans, rice and chicken, just swap out the chicken for guacamole. You'll likely feel an increase of energy.
  3. Make sure you get enough calories.
    Plant-based food often has less calories. If you're not trying to lose weight you might find that you need to either eat more than you're used to or include more healthy fats.
  4. Eat a variety of foods.
    One predictor of a healthy immune system is the number of different plants you eat. There are certain food groups you should try to include everyday. One of the most important ones to include are beans.
    Use this chart ( Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen ) as a general guideline to make sure you're hitting all the groups.
  5. Discover vegan restaurants near you.
    Happy Cow is a great site for this. They also have an app which may come in handy if you're on the go.
  6. Plan ahead.
    Sometimes it helps to check out a restaurant's menu online if you know you're going to have a group lunch there. Sometimes if a restaurant is lacking in vegan dishes you might notice they have some great side dishes you can combine to make a good meal.
  7. Take a B12 supplement.
    B12 is important for health and is harder to come by in our ultra sanitized world. Meat eaters are mostly getting it from the B12 that gets fed to livestock.
  8. Never stop learning.
    Check out our recommended health related books.
    Check out our recommended documentaries.
  9. Don't beat yourself up if you slip.
    It's like they say. Perfection is the enemy of progress.
    If you make a mistake, move on.
  10. Have fun with it.
    For most people going vegan is a fun learning experience.
    So have fun learning!
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