What is a meatflake?

Meatflakes are a subset of what are commonly called snowflakes. They are very fragile people who easily get upset or triggered by people who don’t consume meat or dairy.

Characteristics of a meatflake

  1. Meatflakes think that animal abuse is funny.
  2. Meatflakes will say something like “For every person giving up meat, I’m going to eat twice as much, just so they don’t make a difference.”
  3. If you hear someone talking about “vegan propaganda” that’s a dead giveaway that they are a meatflake. When there’s anything they don’t want to believe, the easiest thing for them to do is just call it propaganda.
  4. Meatflakes will spew out misinformation about what veganism is about. I actually heard one meatflake claim that vegans are trying to give animals the right to vote.
  5. Meatflakes will say anything to make a vegan look bad. For example, it’s common for them to claim that a vegan was being preachy when all the vegan did was try to raise awareness.
  6. Meatflakes get easily offended when they hear about meat not being healthy. They will sometimes cite studies that were created by the meat industry that were purposely designed to be misleading.
  7. Meatflakes act like you’re trying to take something away from them.
  8. One thing a meatflake will always do is instantly turn into a nutrition expert whenever plant-based diets are brought up. They will very confidently say what they want to believe is true as if it were fact.
  9. One sure sign of a meatflake is that they will joke about vegans being weak. This dumb argument falls flat on its face just by googling “vegan bodybuilders” or “vegan fitness”.
  10. One characteristic of a meatflake is that they like to tell jokes that only other meatflakes would think are funny. It’s very similar to how racists tell jokes that are only funny to other racists.
  11. Meatflakes get easily triggered by documentaries. One that they really hate is called The Game Changers which is about world class athletes who noticed better performance after they stopped consuming meat and dairy.
  12. There’s one funny thing a meatflake will always do whenever you mention a book or documentary that shows the negative aspects of animal agriculture or eating meat. A meatflake will instantly try to debunk it. They’ll google the name of the book or documentary followed by the word debunked. This is due to a really strong confirmation bias because they will only consider things that fit their existing world view.
  13. Meatflakes are also known to be dismissive of vegan food. It’s common for them to arrogantly act like they are too good for it or that the vegan version is somehow inferior.
  14. One thing a meatflake always likes to do is look for a “gotcha”. This is where they try to find something that’s not perfect about a vegan. Of course no one is perfect but for some reason a meatflake will act arrogant if they find something about a vegan that’s not perfect. Sometimes when people first go vegan they might still have items like a leather wallet or something that they bought before they went vegan. A meatflake will act like they have one up on you if they find anything where you’re not perfect.
  15. Meatflakes like to post a picture of bacon or a steak because they think it will piss off vegans. They don’t realized that this is something an average vegan has seen a million times.
  16. Meatflakes like to brag about how much they love meat.
  17. Meatflakes get triggered when they see people enjoying awesome food like cauliflower wings. They will act like these are inferior to chicken wings, even if the cauliflower wings taste better.
  18. Meatflakes always ask why people like plant-based food that looks and tastes like meat. They can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that some people like the taste but don’t want to pay for animal abuse.
  19. One typical thing that only meatflakes will say about plant-based meats is “don’t call it meat.”
  20. One funny thing I’ve seen with meatflakes is they will eat something you gave them and say “wow this is so good”. Then when they find out it’s vegan, they backtrack and say “yeah I didn’t really like it.”