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Meatflakes Upset About Cracker Barrel Selling Impossible Sausages

Meatflakes got their panties in a bunch when they found out Cracker Barrel added Impossible Sausages to their menu. When the restaurant posted a photo of a breakfast dish with Impossible Sausage patties, there was a huge backlash of meatflakes. One meatflake replied "Not in a billion years am I eating this."

Meatflake Parents Outraged After Headteacher Takes Meat Off School Menu

Meatflake parents slammed the school for taking meat off the menu. One meatflake mother threatened to pull her daughter out of the school. Another meatflake whined that vegans have to take a lot of supplements.

New Study Finds That Meatflakes Will Increase Their Meat Intake If They Are Insecure About Their Masculinity

It was found that meatflakes tend to make a strong link between eating animal meat and their own masculinity. One meatflake claimed he didn't want his friends laughing at him over a plant based burger. Another meatflake said that plant based burgers were ruining his reputation as a man.

Meatflakes Storm Out Of Vegan Restaurant In A Huff

Meatflakes made a big show of telling owner that "they could never eat somewhere vegan" and that they should make their options more "inclusive". One meatflake even said they shouldn’t advertise their tacos because they aren’t "real tacos".
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Orange Meatflake Donald Trump Refused To Go Vegan Over Fears Of Losing Brain Cells

Meatflake Donald Trump declined to participate in an initiative that would have seen $1 million being donated to charity.

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